Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer financing?
Ma does not offer financing, but homes built to modular code construction can be financed by most banks that handle conventional financing. 
How quickly can we get a mod on our lot?
The process typically takes about 6 to 12 months, but that can vary depending on many factors. On the front end, that could be time for local building permits, bank financing, site preparation item and utility work. On the back end, that would be the time your local General Contractor takes to “button up” or finish the home.  
I really want a custom modular home.
Unfortunately, ma does not offer custom designs, as this does not fully leverage the advantages of the factory process.  
I want it exactly as pictured, why can’t you give me an exact price?
While the cost of the building at the factory (sometimes referred to as FOB, or “freight on board) can be estimated pretty accurately in your market, the site costs, which are 40-60% of total project costs will vary from market to market, site to site, and client to client. We can give you a rough estimate for a completed project in your market. 
Can you stack mods?
Yes. We do have a couple two story plans.
Can you put a mod on top of my garage?
While it is possible, it is unlikely that a garage apartment with one of our mods would be more cost effective than site building such a unit.
Can we add a mod to our existing home?
Yes. If one of our plans as designed will work as an addition.
If we build a mod now, can we expand our home with another mod later?
Again, our floor plans are set, and do not really act as a “kit of parts”. If two of our plans work together for your needs, then sure, you can add on using another mod in the future. 
Do your mods handle snow loads?
Yes. All plans are engineered to conform to the local requirements, whether they are snow loads, seismic, regional wind speeds, etc. 
Can I add a fireplace?
It is possible that a pre-fabricated fireplace, or wood burning stove can be added to a plan. This will depend on the plan and local requirements.
Do you have a model home?
We do not have a model, but have photographs of most of our built projects, as well as “drive-by” lists. 
I don’t see that your mods are available in my state, but I live in a neighboring state; why can’t I pay extra for freight to deliver a mod to me?
Each state has its own regulatory agency, which requires that a manufacturer’s facility be licensed in that state. It is an expensive and time-consuming process to do this, so it is unlikely that a manufacturer will want to acquire these credentials. If we are not in your state, it is because we have yet to find a willing manufacturing partner.  
I have a steep lot, can you put a mod on it?
Possibly. The issue will be whether there is adequate access for the trucks and crane. You will also have to have the foundation engineered for your site, and our building. This generally is not an issue. 
Will a mod fit behind my house?
This will most likely not be a question of does the plan fit, but depends on if can we get the module(s) to the desired spot. Whether we go over (crane), around or behind, the trucks and equipment must have adequate access to your site. One of the first steps in determining feasibility is a “route survey”, which entails having the transport company and the set contractor drive the route to your site, and assess it for viability and access.  
If we tear down our existing house, can we put a mod on the existing foundation to save money?
Probably not. The odds that your existing foundation is both structurally sound and conforms to the dimensions and configuration of one of our floor plans is low. Modular homes are built on pier and beam foundations (either true piers, or a stem wall construction).
Can you just manufacture the shell and I finish the inside myself?
No. The modular contractor is responsible for ensuring the finished product passes final inspections and is move-in ready.  
Can I change (upgrade) finish outs of floors, cabinets and countertops?
Yes. You can have whatever finish-out materials you like at an additional cost that reflects pricing of materials.
Can I change the floor plan?
Currently we only offer the base set of floor plans you see in the "find your ma" section of our site.
Does it include a garage, car-port or outdoor porches?
Our base floor plans do not include garages or car ports or porches, but these things can be added and site built for an additional cost. 
Do you find a contractor for me?
Depending on the market you are in, we may have an existing relationship with a General Contractor there. If you live in Austin, or within 45 minutes, you are in luck. KRDB, our parent company is a design/build firm and can perform contracting services. Our manufacturing partners typically have a network of GC’s that they can refer us to.  
Is it a kit home or does it arrive put together?
Ma is a “true” modular (volumetric) home. Our goal is to limit on site construction. The mods come to your site 60-80% complete.