Modular is inexpensive

This is a matter of perspective. If you are comparing it to a traditional tract builder modular home, then no, it will not seem economical. If you are comparing it to an architect/custom designed home, It will be comparable and in most cases less expensive.  

Modular is simple

Building a modular home is only slightly less complex than building a site built home. Construction is a long, involved process that involves many entities; client, architect, engineers, general contractor, municipal agencies, banks, inspectors, sub-contractors, etc.

What the modular process does is compress the process of production, as 50%-80% of the overall scope of work will take place in the factory. Consolidating this portion of the work streamlines the process and creates less variables; such as weather that can impact timeline and budget.

Unlike site built construction, almost all decisions about materials and logistics on a modular project are made in advance, so the manufacturer has all materials on hand when fabrication commences (as the factory build only take 2-4 weeks).

Modular is quick

This is, for the most part true. The average modular project takes 4-6 months from start to finish. Timing in the factory is about 2-4 weeks. Front-end and back-end steps such as, financing, permits, utilities, site prep, and finish out (“button up”) can lead to variables in project schedule. 

Modular is flimsy

Modular is not a trailer home and it won’t blow away in a storm. There are two types of factory-built homes; Modular Code Homes, built on permanent foundations and to IRC (site-built code) and HUD code (trailer homes) which are not. We build to Modular Code, making our homes just as solid as any site-built home, if not stronger. Our modular homes even exceed standard IRC, and most are constructed with additional measures to withstand the transportation process.

Modular is “Green”

It certainly can be. Modular construction can also reduce the footprint or impact on a site, with a less invasive foundation and less time spent disturbing the site. The performance aspect of a building will depend on the specifications. ma uses many baseline specs that ensure high performance such as 2x6 walls with R19 insulation, thermally broken windows with Low-E glazing, KCMA certified cabinets, low VOC finishes, low flow fixtures, tankless H2O heaters and high-performance HVAC.
That is just to start. If you want elements such as solar panels, rain-water collection, geothermal HVAC, these things can all be added – but are mostly site constructed elements.  
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916 Springdale Rd • Building 5 Suite 101
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916 Springdale Rd • Building 5 Suite 101
Austin, TX 78702